Saturday, November 12, 2011

Christmas for the kids

Hello Loved Ones!!

These past few weeks I have been pondering thoughtfully as I have rounded up the kids toys deciding what will stay and what will go. This is the conclusion I have come to; Christmas this year for us, is about simplicity, meaning I won't have to spend an hour trying to convince the kids to scour the house for all their toys. So I have compiled a list of things that would be acceptable and appreciated for the kids as Christmas gifts...

games like twister or slip n slide
lessons ( soccer, swim, piano, dance, karate, etc.)
twistable crayons ( no cheap please)
coloring books
medium trampoline w/ net
sidewalk chalk
art supplies
blu-rays (movie)
zoo passes, etc.
play ground equipment
etc, etc, etc.

Please refrain from small item toys/gifts. Call me if you have questions.


Thursday, June 9, 2011

clean home, dirty home

My everyday motto is: "It's easy to keep a clean house clean." But lately I have felt so lazy, it's not like I'm 30 weeks pregnant or anything like that. Recently for the past little while 4:30 rolls around and I think to myself 'Hmm, what can I get done before Michael gets home?' Is it like that for anyone else? Anywhoo... Michael just got home. Mmm mm I love that man! We are going strong with 6 years and almost four children under our belt. Life is good.

Friday, December 3, 2010

My girlfriend took some pictures of Harrison while she was babysitting the children while Michael and I were on a date. Here they are...

Sunday, March 7, 2010

New Haircut!!

I got a new haircut in time for my brother's wedding. Yay for me!! I love it!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Phoenix Zoo

Giraffes' from the overlook tower

Four little speckled turtles, sitting on a speckled log...

Komodo Dragon in the 'Land of Dragons'

Harrison watching the ducks and geese.

Sweet Baby!

We were really that close to the monkey's.

Ginger and Braxton holding hands, walking together on the zoo path.

Sarah, Braxton, Bella, Ginger and Ransom in the petting zoo.

Petting the goats with brushes.
Stinky creatures, goats are.

Ginny just after the wallabies

Ransom at the 'Wallaby Walkabout'

Ginny and Ransom at a park in the zoo.


Ransom on the oversize spider webb.

Handsome boy posing by this meerkat statue.

Just before we enter the zoo.

Closer take on my kiddos.

Harrison "Oh my goodness"

A glimpse of some of the vegetation.

Wallaby Walkabout

Thursday, February 18, 2010


For all of those thinking I've been cheating on my blog, it's not true. Actually it was quite frustrating not having a way to post updated pictures. But, when there's a will, there's a way!
Ransom is talking so well and has grown so much, he's such a dare devil. Harrison is motating all over the place and he won't hold still for anything. I think he'll be walking in the next month. Ginger is a little mommy to the boys and sings all the time. She has fashion sense at such a young age.
Michael is working at the census bureau and has a couple of girlfriends. Of course they are mothers' with children his age, and they are always heckling each other. I'm thankful he is enjoying work and school.
As for me, I'm happy to be back in Arizona making friends and going on adventures with the children. Michael built a fence to divide the front yard from the back. So at last I can send the kids outside with out worrying they'll run off.

Ginger's First Daddy-Daughter Date!!

Cutie!! I was so excited for them. Michael and I had talked about dates' with our kids for sometime. Then the friday before Valentine's Day, Michael came home and said he wanted to take Ginny on a date. I had fun getting her all ready for her date, and Ginger was so excited!! I made that bow in her hair which I think turned out really darling.
Just look at them! You can't tell at all that Ginny's excited about her 1st D.D.D.

Loading into the Yukon for their date at Burger King. Chicken nuggets, Play Palace and fun time with Daddy.

Valentine for you and you and you!!

Harrison and Bella playing and having lots of fun.
The kids and I had so much fun at our friend Sarah, Braxton and Bella's house on friday before Valentine's Day. We had fun decorating and eating heart cookies.
The only person missing in the pictures is Braxton.
Ransom is gonna break hearts.

Ginny licking frosting and eating cookies.

Sarah and Aubray. We mommies look so beautiful.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

i did some updates on my blog. so if your name got deleted from the friend and family list its because i didnt have access to your blog anymore. Just email me if you want to change that.

Today I watched 'Julia and Julie', Cute movie! It inspired me to start blogging again. I'm going crazy with three children who can move about on their own (2 out of 3 soon to be 3 out of three) Aaah! got to go! PICTURES SOON! love ya! aUBRAy

Sunday, October 11, 2009


So as most of you know by now, we are moving to Arizona!!! Despite popular belief, it's not to escape the cold winters of Idaho, we rather enjoy all four seasons. Michael has realized his passion for alternate energy and ASU has a program for that. We are really excited for the coming years even though we will miss our friends and family in Idaho. Plus, Arizona gets super hot in the summer.
Aubray is excited to be around her brothers and mom again, but also sad to be leaving the home we made in Idaho. We are greatful for everyone we've met and the friendships we've made here.

We would be down there already except that Michael hit a deer two weeks ago and our Yukon is finally done and ready to go so are our plans.
Here are some updated pics of the Fam...enjoy!!!